The Democracy Journey

So how does one get from travel to politics? There is no clear link…but perhaps those interested in a better way to travel will be interested in a better way to do democracy.

Project Introduction

This project looks at a federal system of government such as Canada’s and asks, is a better system possible? It is not about practical next steps that can be taken to provide incremental improvement; it starts without limitations and assumes nothing is sacred, not the three branches of government, the division of powers, or the accounting rules. It seeks to illuminate the possibilities so we can decide whether or not we should be content with our democracy. READ MORE


Living Book

I believe the best approach for this project is to allow the ideas to evolve. A book is static and a blog lacks interconnectedness. Ideally then, one needs a web of adjustable blog posts structured like a book, a living book


Motivation for Project

If one has the time and the desire to research democracy, it is in their rational self-interest to do so even without the prospect of financial reward. This is I, but my time limits and biases mean that this project would benefit from involvement by others, others who suffer from a similar motivation.


Opportunity to Participate

There are a number of ways someone could contribute such as providing comments, researching, or reproducing content in other media (videos for example).

If you think that you may like to be involved, please feel free to contact me through the contact tab.